Origin of spring

Everything has an origin story, everything begins, everything starts.  This site is a beginning. What it is exactly, isn’t perhaps yet clear and remains to be seen.

Im not sure what it will be or what it will do, I can say confidently, it won’t try to sell you anything today, except maybe an idea.  Yes, I like that, an idea, or perhaps a series of ideas.

I suppose this is also about me. A thirsk counsellor.  Theres not much more to that.  An opportunity for a thirsk counsellor to drift along the white of a page and see what kind of footprints are left.  Its an opportunity for me to make sense of the many words that flow through my head.  At any given time on any given day.  Yes this is a start for me.  Starts, beginnings, origins are all around us.  I like them.  The start of a day.  From the moment I open my eyes, my day often starts in quiet.  I’m not a fan of quiet.  I try to fill most waking, and sleeping times with sound, noise, background preferably.  I find comfort in noise, it reassures me that something is there, that I am there.  If I wasn’t there then I wouldn’t be able to hear the sound.

Sunrise is one of the most beautiful beginnings there is.  Often in spring I will walk my Labrador in a local field, I will stand and see the sun begin to crack open the horizon with a prick of sharp light as it slices open the night sky and pushes through.  I feel blessed to see this beginning in all its glory, quietly watching the day open up.  If I take a moment and stop, I can take this wonder in and truly breathe in this beginning.  It can be a wonderful sensory feeling, awakening the possibilities of the new day.

Another origin, another start I like is delivering training.  When I go to an establishment for the first time to deliver a training session in my day job.  It’s a new beginning, although I have delivered this training so many times.  There is still an element of newness when I stand in front of an unfamiliar group.  Theres an anticipation, an excitement, a realisation that although I’ve said all these words so many times.  I’ve never said it the way I’m going to say it today, it brings a uniqueness to the moment, how I emphasise the area here compared to there last time.  So many differents ways of looking at this start, this beginning, in its self ORIGINal…

Of course, when I sit down with a client for the first time, the start, the newness is stark. This is a different kind of beginning, the client might be aware of how different it is.

Starting counselling is like a first breath.  An opportunity to stop and look.  The question of why am I here, what is causing me dis-ease is such a big philosophical question.  When do we stop and ask ourselves “how am I doing?”  There is courage in that moment when a client first sits opposite me, courage on behalf of the client, and apprehension on my part. “How can I help them?”  “What will I offer them?”  What can I offer them?

“So what would you like to talk about?”  The opening line, and then its started.  That’s the beginning.  The origin of every counselling relationship begins with “What would YOU like to talk about.”  Because this beginning is not about me,  it’s about the client.  It’s about them finding there origin and exploring where they want to go from there.

I’m a superhero nerd. I love superheroes.  Since I was a child I’ve always liked a superhero. Peters spider bite, Bruce’s parents being killed, Matt’s accident that caused his blindness…They all have there origin story, and now I’m living in a time when all these stories have been made into films.  All my childhood heroes have their origin story. Everyone of us has an origin sory, some of them are clear, some of them have to be explored.  Starting a counselling journey is about origins, exploring our origins in order to see who we are today.

So this first blog is a beginning, it’s a start.  An opportunity to see my origins and through to working as a thirsk counsellor.

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