It’s time to celebrate

I was recently reminded about the importance of celebration. We can often find ourself preoccupied with what’s not going right that we can forget to remember to enjoy and celebrate the little ‘wins’ in life.

As I sit here writing this, it is Easter Sunday 2019, This morning before we left to drive to my in-laws, I received a telephone call from my Mother-in-law telling me “Rejoice, He is risen!” as she celebrated her faith. It’s the little joys in life that can carry us through our dark times.

I recently was with a friend who has just finished her 3 year placement at a hospital through her degree, and she was tearful as we drove home and I told her the importance and significance of this ending, a journey, a testament and a celebration of this passage of time.

And yet it can be so simple to forget the importance of celebration. I recently started to see a new client in my private practice. My first client, and this is a celebration of something new, the work I have put into training, developing my practice and my website including all these blogs has culminated in my first PP client. Something to celebrate!

Just this week, my daughter, only 7 finished a three day musical theatre workshop of Annie which ended with a performance to parents. Afterwards, she was tearful and upset because, she didn’t have many lines, she didn’t get to play Annie… Because this had come to an end and she had made some friends and may not see them again. It is so sad that these celebratory times can be tinged with such sadness.

We have an opportunity to celebrate if we choose to look for it, choose to see the sunny side, Its spring, the weather in April is unprecedented. A job has finished, a deadline met, a first appointment, attended, a second one too. All these apparently simple, non eventful are reminders that we are living and we are moving forward.

I recently wrote about finding my brother, my wife has a birthday soon, tomorrow I’m seeing a friend to talk about her wedding and forthcoming birth of her first child. I even received a letter from HMRC about my business registration, an unavoidable chore, however it is also a reminder of the authenticity of my first business. These little moments, these little things can remind us that we are not still, not stagnant, that we are active participants in our own lives.

It is of course dependant on our attitude, how we view the word. We can choose to see the problem, the difficulty, but sometimes we need to look deeper, further to see the learning, or the light at the end of the tunnel.

A Prayer for the pessimist

Here’s to hope and all it brings.

A friendly smile, a heart that sings.

And when the day ends full of pain.

Search for sunshine behind the rain.

Look for blossoms beneath the weeds

Discern your wantings, from your needs.

Don’t say farewells with sad regret,

Remember instead, the day you first met.

Perhaps if we can learn to look at the world, at our lives and sift through for times of celebration, both remembered and forgotten and recognise them. And thinking forward to the days ahead, creating those little times when we can enjoy these little ‘wins’ and celebrate our ‘seemingly’ little achievements, then perhaps this can help us to begin to reframe our thinking and see light through the darkness, turn that frown upside down. It’s not about dismissing or ignoring the difficulty, or the pain and hurt, it is about recognising that within these times there are things to celebrate, to cheer or just to raise a smile.

However this finds you, I hope you can make time to pause, reflect and embrace a celebratory moment.

Sincerely Yours

A Thirsk Counsellor

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