A January walk

”It’d be great to die together, on the first day of the year, ‘cos then we’d be quite legendary would you volunteer.” ~ The Wonderstuff
I used to love that line, it’s hard to believe it was 30 years ago.  I was quite a morose young man.  This morning as I woke on the 1st of the year, these were the farthest thoughts from my mind, even after a poor nights sleep, headachy and blocked nose, it was all I could do to pull on my walking boots to take Hiro out on his morning walk.
Stepping out into a beautiful bright morning on the first day of the year, I chose a different route out of the estate and out onto scrubland.  It was so mild this morning, the wind was low and other dog walkers were fairly depleted.  Hiro loved having a good old run, chasing a few small ground birds which might have been Golden Plover.
This time of year is a quiet time, the trees are bare, flitting sparrows and robins darting in and out of the bushes, looking for food.  As we crossed onto the path that is flanked by fields either sides, I regretted not bringing my Kelly kettle for a coffee.
The beginning of the year and the start of a new decade has begun well. It’s important to take these times and just walk with abandon, without any real plan and try to take notice of what’s around. Even when there doesn’t seem to be much life to see in nature, it can be worthwhile to see where the birds have nested, what berries have been eaten from the winter bushes.  Looking for tracks in the mud.  There is plenty to see, and more to learn.
later in the day…

As the sun hung low in the mid afternoon sky, now armed with my Kelly kettle and a pine cone I walked once more, and even though the temperature had dropped, I was able to enjoy my surroundings. A thrush flitted nearby, and I noticed more paw prints of previous walkers, although the walk was still devoid of many passers by.
There is no better feeling to me than the heady smell of twigs burning in the kettle heating the water to make my coffee.  It’s moments like this that I try to savour and enjoy.  Even scrambling around for nature’s dry kindling in the damp brush because I’d not brought my tinderbox allowed me to forage around, sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Sometimes, sitting in a field, a hot cup of coffee freshly brewed and a dog running free whilst the sun hangs low can carry you through the day, and all it costs, is a moment of time.
So perhaps this year is about taking moments, taking time to enjoy what’s around.  Perhaps this year is about enjoying the world, and connecting with it.  It’s important to connect and take notice, learning more about the nature around. As I walked today, I realised how healthy it was to be active in such a beautiful part of my own little world.
“It’s about time you learned to laugh again, It’s about time you learned to grin” ~ The Wonderstuff 

Sincerely Yours

A Thirsk Counsellor