Monday 23rd March 2020

The Right Conditions?

As I heard the PM effectively confine the nation to their homes.  I was filled with shock and frustration.  The shock is due to the fact that this country is experiencing a historic turn of events affecting thousands and causing anxiety and hurt that I have never seen in my lifetime.


The frustration was aimed at the stories of people congregating at seasides and tourist destinations accross the country that has led to the news broadcast today.

Yet I need to let that go and hold onto the amazing things that are happening around, Rainbow walks have become a thing here, children painting rainbows and putting them in the windows for people to see.  The friends who came round to drop off a plant because they wanted to deliver flowers to their friends.  Organisations like amazon making thousands of audiobooks free for people to listen to.  Its amazing to see these acts of kindness and we need to look for them because they are there.

Counselling is moving online as more and more therapists take up the video camera to help support people with there mental health and wellbeing.  I myself am looking into online therapy and working towards offering it to clients to support them at this time, for others I’m offering phonecalls, to one, just weekly text messages to check in.  A virtual hand on the shoulder, a reassuring byte.

We have arrived at a time where we can stand and offer something to someone, to anyone, as we are moved further and further away from people, we need to find a way to move closer and connect.

We cannot afford to be selfish, to be inconsiderate, we need to take a step back (at least 2 metres) and remember that change is inevitable, How we begin to handle the next few days will say more about us as a people.

So please take very good care of yourself.

Sincerely Yours