Monday 30th March 2020

As lockdown ensues, I am acutely aware of silence.  It is so quiet and eerie outside and I’m reminded at times of the omega man, the classic sci fi with Charlton Heston set in a post apocalyptic future.  One man, alone except for the infected people he fears coming into contact with.
Adapting to this new way of living is vital if we are to combat this virus, however the impact on people is tremendous.  I have had no physical contact from anyone outside my imediate family for two weeks.  I am quite a tactile person, I touch an arm, shake hands and hug, and yet for 14 days I have only spent time with my wife and child, and this has been wonderful, you see it’s swings and roundabouts.  I miss seeing and spending time with my team and yet when i do that, I don’t see my wife and child, so having the opportunity to have lunch with my daughter and read bedtime stories with her more and just sit and talk inanely with my wife is one of the benefits of this current situation.
I’m trying to find the positives.  I have been working from home for 14 days, OR, I am 14 days closer to this ending and returning to a sense of normality.  And there will be a return to a sense of normality.  It will no doubt be different from this, but we will come through this.  As a species we have overcome and adapted through many life changing situations, and this is another.  If we take a step back and think of others and talk.  We have to talk and share moments with each other with strangers.  Even when queueing in our social distance quesues in the supermarket and smile and comment and aggree that this is very strange, weird even.  Because it is.  And by aknowledging this strangerness, this otherness with each other, we are forming a collective understanding that we are in this together and we will come out of this together.
So take very good care of yourselves, and each other.
Sincerely Yours.