Monday 13th April 2020

As we continue to face this devastating virus claiming over 10,000 lives in the UK.  We continue to find ways to carry on with our lives.  Tempers strain across the country as the news reports a spike in reports of domestic abuse,  Local Police authorities begin fining people who have openly flouted the social distancing guidelines that we have been following now for the last 3 weeks.
I’ve been working from home now for a while now.  It has become my new norm, and I’ve noticed that days are bleeding into each other.  As I write this on Easter Monday, following yesterdays Easter egg hunt that my daughter had, it was wonderful to see a little magic, and i’m grateful that the Easter Bunny has been recognised as an ‘essential worker’.
It’s incredible the amount of connection that has been created across the country, the world throughout this pandemic.  Celebrities carrying on having concerts from their home, streaming free into peoples homes.  Comedians podcasting and keeping peoples spirtis through humour.  Families speaking and seeing more of each other.  or in my experience, seeing more of my mother in laws temple and eyebrow than ever before.
Were talking and communicating more and making each other last and helping each other and celebrating.  Thursday nights at 8pm has become the time we stand at our doors and clap for the NHS and carers.  Thousands, millions of people coming together to salute emergency services in a unified stand not seen for many a year.
There is so much to appreciate at the moment, amidst the worry and the fear and the tragedy.  This Easter has been different.  Quiet moments with the family, trying to entertain my daughter.  The weather beautiful and allowing time to get out into the garden.  The jobs that have needed doing have finally been started, some of them even finished.  My shed is now accessible, I’ve been cutting down fences, moving playhouses, planting borders cycling around the local track.
I’ve learned that it’s too early for cabbage whites, and the butterfly that zipped past me and my daughter saw was actually an orange tipped butterfly!
This is still a time for learning and being with people who matter.  It’s a time to make old and new connections.  At my allotment, I put a sign up inviting the other plot owners to join a group on WhatsApp, and people joined and people are communicating, complimenting, swapping ideas and offering seeds and onion sets.  Creating a new community at a time when we’re encouraged to stay apart.
A reminder that we’re all together no matter how far we have to be apart (at least two meter’s) and that together we will get through this hopefully a little different, with a different view of the world and an appreciation for our health, and for the people we love and the people we now meet.
Sincerely Yours, Paul