Monday 27th April 2020 (belated)

As the curve is beginning to flatten after over six weeks and close on 20,000 UK deaths

As birthdays go, it was not anything out of the ordinary, I worked, my wife schooled our daughter, we weren’t allowed to go out for a walk or a visit to a castle.  We had a Monday like so many Mondays that have bled into the following and preceding days over this time in lock down.
Even presents was limiting, there are so many delays online with postage and so few shops open that a bag of presents was collated together from B&M and Yorkshire deals.
Even our hoped meal from Jaipur Spice was taken away as we realised that they are closing for takeaways on a Monday!!!  A last minute emergency shop to a superstore to gather a microwaved curry had to suffice.
This was not the birthday I wanted for my wife, nor the birthday she deserved, however it was the birthday she had.  My wife, felt this had been a good birthday, not the best, NOT the worst, but a birthday where she was alive and with her family.
I keep returning back to the theme that this time we are living through is the one time we have to stop and look at the world and how we are living and what we want to change in our worlds.  This is the time to take stock, see, appreciate and make those changes.  We do not have to go back to the way that things we’re, and wouldn’t that be a shame, if we went through this experience, this experience that has killed and devastated lives.  If we went through this as a country, as a race and then just went back to how things were.  Where we complained and became angry and frustrated about everything that is going on in the world.  If we allow things to go back, then what will we have learned?  How will we have grown?
Perhaps if we have used this time to reflect on our lives, now is the time to make that change, and make our world more than what it was.
Take care and stay safe.
Sincerely Yours, Paul