A Walk In May

Start again in the month of May
Start again in the month of May
Come on and blow the wires away
Come on and blow the wires away
-by Arcade Fire
Although quite early when I left the house, coffee in hand, my trusty walking stick and the ever faithful Hiro.  I was greeted by the incredible sound of the blackbird.  For such a simple looking bird, it’s call is beautiful.  Surely one of the most melodic, and nothing quite says good morning than the blackbirds call.
Now nearly seven weeks into lock-down and still reeling with over 21,000 tragic deaths.  I wanted to enjoy this morning.  The air was damp following a few showers overnight as we have had over the last couple of days.  That following Aprils incredible sunny weather.  Its has provided the earth with much needed breathing space.
The dawn chorus was fully in song as we walked down the main road to find the path nearby that takes us away from town.  It’s here that I begin to feel a sense of being somewhere else.  A hedge lined path of bramble and hawthorn.  Bindweed crawling and strangling trees with It’s vast leafy tendrils.  I have always loved bindweed and how it sprawls and envelops everything, soon the white flowers will blossom bringing more contrast to this breathing space.
Hiro busied himself with the fresh smells in this unfamiliar place.  He usually get three to four runs a day, this is a treat, an amble off the beaten track.  Rabbit holes to snuffle, flittering hedge sparrows playing ‘cross the path and annoy the dog’.  I took a wander down another footpath which runs parallel to the train track.  Bordered either side by farmers field.  In the five years I have lived in this growing estate, I have wondered where this path goes, where it leads to and comes out, finally this curiosity tells me it brings me nicely to the train station on the other side of Thirsk.
We turn back, it’s probably getting late in the morning, I expect my wife is being harassed by my locked down eight year old, waiting to start home school and I have to log on to my work in my virtual office, located in the kitchen.
These moments are precious to me.  These walks, I look forward to them, trying to zone out and tune in to whats around me, and I see and hear much, yet my brain refuses to record the data accurately, Bindweed, check, hedge sparrows, blackbirds, check.  White dead nettle growing nearby on the path.  Although my limitations of this beautiful idyllic space elude me frustratingly.  The opportunity, at a time where the world is connecting electronically and virtually, to try and connect at least physically with this word is so important.  To try and let go if only for a short time and be elsewhere.
Elsewhere is one of my favorite places to go, having been locked down for 6 weeks in my house, and for over forty years in my head, an opportunity to explore a lesser know world is essential.
An it seems May will open up new  facet of this world, and a time like this is an opportunity to appreciate it.
Sincerely Yours
A Thirsk Counsellor