Monday, May The Fourth (be with you) 2020

As a long standing fan of this franchise about hope in the face of adversity, I thought it was fitting to reflect today on where I am, where we all are at this time.
Following weeks of disconnection and disturbance, change, fear and uncertainty.  I have seen news reports of people who feel angry and frustrated.  Rooted in fear.  Fear leads to hate, and hate leads to the dark side.
If these films have taught me anything, they taught me to draw close to the things that sustain me,  the force, as Master Yoda said , is an energy all around us, binding us together.  We are all bound together in this current crisis, one of many that people have faced over the years.  And now we have a choice, which path do we take.  As we traverse this time in our lifetimes, I force myself to think about how I can change as a result.
When this lockdown is finally lifted in it’s entirety, and it will be lifted, we will pass through this.  What about me will be different.  Will I try to enjoy the quiet times that I have, will i reach out and offer to help others, will I continue to be kind and thoughtful.  Will I change or will I return to a world of want and frustration.
This time has allowed me to develop myself as a professional, spend unique times with my family, and yearn for my friends that perhaps I have sometimes taken for granted.
I owe it to myself to allow this experience to change me for the better, to help me become more of who I am and to try and value those in society that previously I forgot.
I have tried to not watch the news too much, and have avoided looking at the current death toll.  It’s higher than I could have imagined when this started seven or eight years ago, and it will still be higher tomorrow.  I some ways the number of people that have died, doesn’t matter, the fact that just one has and another certainly will is tragic enough.
Yes this event has changed me, it will continue to change me if I let it, however, how I let it change me is still a choice.
Star wars day, is fun day associated with children’s films, yet this love, this passion and this story has sustained hope and enjoyment in mine and others lives for 42 years.  And through out time from now on, this time, this devastating time will be forever marked in history as a time when the world stopped.  It will also be known by how people choose to remember it.
I choose to remember it by considering the the wonderful stories of 8pm on Thursday evenings, of people being kind and playing music outside peoples houses who were self isolating, and by rainbows on walls and in windows, of the little moments of kindness that have littered the media, of a 99 year old man walking and the country cheering him on.
Amid great pain and suffering there has been hope and light and an increased sense of community.  The force indeed is a tremendous ally.
Please take care, and stay safe, and be more…
Sincerely Yours, Paul