Monday 25th May 2020

Week ten of lock down approaches.  Fury is still rife across the media.  Frustrations and worries about returning to work and school.

Today has been another bank holiday Monday.  A glorious Mayday, the sun burning down following 10 weeks of the most spectacular weather.  It almost feels as though some divine creator has provided us with the most amazing weather during this time at home, so that initially people could enjoy their gardens, their hour of exercise, and now as people are permitted to go further afield, other places.

Rather than complain and procrastinate about the inequities and frustrations that are all to real, I wanted to take this time to pause and reflect of this week.  Amid this amazing weather, we have seen many bees and have had the time to watch and observe them just from the garden.  A recent buy from the local Aldi store provided me with a bee hotel which you can also make from bits at home, and when positioned on a south easterly facing fence, soon started taking residents, in their own socially isolated little domiciles.  It was fascinating to take this time to notice these incredible solitary insects crawl into the holes, lay eggs and leave nectar before sealing up the hole with mud.

And walking further afield I have been able to explore little places with my daughter, a recent trip to Hackfall Woods, a fascinating area near Ripon, that sports purpose built ruined follies scattered through the woods and a 250 year old fountain in the middle of the wood that has been restored.  It’s machinery includes a gravity well that fills with water, and then when a pump is operated by someone, it fires a jet of water 20 feet into the air, much to the amazement of my daughter.  And we spent our time spotting wild garlic and cow parsley.

Using google lens to learn species.  We’ve been enjoying the minute of nature which is growing incredibly this year with the wonderful warm weather,  even when mixed with two days of 60 mph winds which blew the felt of the shed at home.  An so it great lock down tradition, I bought roofing felt and spent my bank holiday Monday replacing it, never done it before and felt so proud of my achievement.

It’s important to look for these little wins at a time like this.  To make the most of this time, learning species of wildflower, and watching bees.  Developing a new skill or at least completing something to be proud of.  There are many things that I enjoy about this situation, it affords me little pleasures in life that I am making a point of taking note of.

In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop once in a while and take a look…  You could miss it.

That’s all for now,  take care, take notice and be safe.

Sincerely Yours, Paul