Monday 1st June 2020

A wonderful life

As we draw close to 40,000 deaths of covid 19,  I realise that this new world which used to be fuelled by fear and uncertainty, now seems to be governed by the same.  We have found ourselves locked into a world that slowly is coming to terms with the fact that our world will never be the same again.

This year, 2020 will forever change us.  I already feel changed in many ways.  As adjusted as I am to my world, and how it suits me, I see differences in how people are.  There is frustration and anger which is mixed with kindness and consideration.

As we start to move towards lifting lockdown, I worry about what this will mean.  My counselling service is quiet, and works in a different way.  Even the way we counsel in the future will change, with test track and trace leading to confidentiality issues and ethical questions within the contracting stage.  Such a new world.

I try to stay focused and remain positive.  I try to enjoy my time outside, away from the computer.  The hot weather a glorious sun everyday,and yet the devastation of a drought at a time when we are at home and the possibilities  of hosepipe bans and rationing and second spikes is forever threatened on the horizon.

I guess I’m written and wrung out today.  I need to step back, regroup and take time.

Take Care of yourselves and the people you love.

Sincerely Yours, Paul