Monday 8th June 2020

Week Thirteen of lockdown starts amidst division.  As lockdown is further being lifted, there is outrage and frustration in the media around prejudice and racism following the death of an American man, George Floyd, whilst in custody.
It feels very alien when I watch the news, what started with a climb into panic and sadness is now spiraling into frustration, division and mistrust.
I continue to try to avoid the sheer amount of negative report and opinion that scrolls across the faces of social media and perpetuates live television selling fear and uncertainty.
People are angry and they are scared, of what seems to be happening across the world, a pandemic that’s claimed thousands of lives, a death that has angered thousands more.  The news reports violence and looting and shows footage of what seems like the final days of revelation.
The impact on people appears to be tremendous and confused with eclectic and conflicting language from those who hold a position to help guide us and sustain.
Although these times feel like being in the eye of the hurricane, it is clear the effects are un-escapable as they loom closer and closer to my front door.
The times where I am able to stop and take a step back are becoming fewer it seems.
I have recently been reading up on presenteeism , the act of working no matter what, not taking sick-days, which ironically makes us more ill and puts others at risk.
Opportunity to practice self care and put others in front of us reminds me that I am not alone, I only choose to be.  The oppotunity to reach out and be part of anothers life is there is we ‘choose’ to engage with it.