15th June 2020

For the 13th Monday in a row, I sit here as the country has lifted further restrictions.  Shops opened up to huge applause as people finally felt able to go into stores and peruse, following social distancing measures.
It feels as though this past week has in many ways been one of the most difficult for people.
Reflections of presenteeism and associated work stress has been spoken about in my day job.  It has felt like a crux point for people, a tipping point, perhaps a peak that can now slowly see people coming through the other side.
The death toll still rises, passing 41,000 tragic deaths from covid 19.  A number that seems so incredible in the minuscule amount of time that has passed.
I have found myself increasingly drawn to the outside world recently, a need to escape the screen, between my day job and online counselling, it feels that I am sat in front of a screen over 40 hours a week.  A feel like I am becoming word blind and overly screened out, I reflected today that i have never spent so much time looking at myself as I have done through video conferencing calls and webinar training.
So I have spent time shifting my view, a recent buy of ebay brought me a trail camera, a unique way to observe wildlife in a different way and share it with my daughter, watching the blackbirds, starlings and sparrows at the birdfeeder has been facinating  and again helps distract me from what has become a mundane normality.
It breaks up my day and allows me a focus that takes me awy momentarily to see this wonderful world that has been afforded me right on my doorstep.

Take care and stay safe
Sincerely Yours, Paul