Breaking Ground In June

June has been an interesting month at the allotment.  It’s been exciting harvesting the salad leaves and the radish.  The heat has been incredible through April and going through to June, but then the rains came and suddenly having time off from the allotment was suddenly alive.

I’m realizing more and more the mistakes I made this time around.  Sowing so far apart has given too much space to the pig weed and thistle.  I seem to spend most of my splash and runs (late evening mixture of dog walk and watering of crops) quickly pulling out a few weeds before I head home.

I welcome the rain when it comes.  Previous to the allotment I used to be bothered with the rain, now when we get a downpour it makes me smile, it allows me to have a break from the splash and run, and it means that the crops will get a good watering, the splash and runs are fine, but I always worry that their not getting enough.  The downpours today will really feed the crops.  The onions have been growing great, but a few have started bolting through dry spell.

I suppose it’s reflective of how we need to sustain ourselves rather than just feeding the tips of ourselves.  We sometimes as people need to be immersed in feeding our well being.  An allotment is like a person in that the different crops represent the different aspects of the individual and each area needs looking after.  it needs tending to, and the weeding.  The weeds are the struggles, the difficulties that will grow and take up space and not allow the crops to bear fruit, strangling them.

So time is needed to identify the weeds, get down to the root and keep on top of them.  Remove them completely and continue to pay attention to where they flourish and make it difficult for them to take up root.  However when the rains come, it can be so distracting that we don’t always notice the weeds starting to grow in between the crops.

I got to spend some time at the allotment, pick some more lettuce, a few more radishes, and of course, pull out those weeds.  I enjoyed having the time to myself.  Just me, no dog.  rifling around the crops and enjoying seeing the red of the onions coming through.  The size of the shoots on the parsnips.  The array of weeds surprises me.  So many different varieties.  wriggling and stealing their way amid the vegetables.  So I was pleased to be able to loiter and spend the time pulling them out and hopefully letting everything else breathe.

I wonder where the distinction lies between weed and crops, between weed and flower.  Where is the distinction lie between what is good for us, and what causes us distress?  When does things being okay turn into I cannot cope anymore?  I guess that’s when the opportunity to stop and take time to sort the wheat from the chaff, the weed, from the veg.

So all in all, an interesting month, and I enjoyed having the time yesterday to sit, reflect and enjoy the plot, the Swedish stove providing me with a coffee, and the allotment, just giving me the time.

Sincerely Yours

A Thirsk Counsellor