Monday 29th June – Belated

Another late one.  I guess I’m a little overwhelmed with everything that’s going on.  In the UK we are gearing up for a lift on the restrictions.  4th of July will see the pubs and hairdressers opening.  Yet, on the hottest day of the year last week, news reports from Bournemouth told us of incredible amounts of people at the beach, leaving 20 TONS of rubbish behind!
It saddens me to think that for three months we let the earth breathe, and the very first opportunity, we descend with our plastic and leave it behind like a polyethylene trail of breadcrumbs leading back to our house of toilet rolls and flower.  How very sad that our “All in it together” now seems to be replaced by “What’s in it for me?”
There was talk of herd mentality as a potential control measure for this lockdown, however if recent news stories have anything to teach us about our herd mentality, it seems to be completely unrelated to controlling the virus and more like welcoming it into our homes with open arms.
I understand that people are feeling distressed and frustrated after beeing cooped up for so long, being told who they can and can’t see and where they can and where they cannot go.  People spending hours in front of computers, zooming around and trying to connect, or struggling financially through furlough.  It seems to have taken it’s toll and maybe that’s why the herd mentality, the need to get out and do something that seems to have been taken away from us as quickly as possible.  I suppose the concern is that we will treat the lifting of restrictions much like letting children loose in a sweet shop, and if you let children run free in a sweet shop, inevitable, they will get sick.
But today, belated though I write this, My day is not plagued with these concerns and worries and frustrations, my daughter is nine, and seemingly untouched by the frustrations of lockdown, she is enjoying this time with us and the adventure that is providing her active little mind with.
Take care and be safe.
Sincerely Yours, Paul