A walk in July

I had to get away
To somewhere no-one knows
I know it’s my mistake
To take off now in this way
And June becomes July

Ocean Colour Scene – July

July starts damp.  Quiet at 5.30am when I set off with Hiro.  Only a few cars pass, although restrictions are starting to be lifted and people are beginning to return to work.  Times like this can feel like the world is my own.  Just me and my dog like a scene from I am legend.
I walked up the path by the garage.  Tree and hawthorn lined, rabbits ahead darting through the hedgerow out of Hiro’s way.  Amidst the cow parsley, I find a white flycatcher which i’ve never come across.  And all around me is the chorus, the birdsong.  Common sparrows mixed with house martins and the odd blackbird, and at the very top of a tree, an unusual little bird which turns out to be a wren,  It’s call is beautiful.  And right now it’s just for me, and Hiro.
I like walking in the quiet, I need the peace, a piece of time where I can be still.  It’s a little later when I walk in farmers field, turnips growing everywhere, the nights rainfall seeps through my walking boot as I walk amogst it, lost in my own meanderings, another rabbit darts down between the rows out of sight of Hiro, and then, the sound of the skylark.  I’ve never knowingly heard a skylark sing before.  A lost knowledge to me, and now due to a mobile phone app, this is oopen for me to learn.
These times are precious and few but they are mine.  A world to myself before the rest of the world takes over.