Monday 6th July 2020

Another Monday passes, another day the same.
Lockdown lifts and talks of spikes, then search for whose to blame.
What can we say of this time, how can we see it’s worth.
How will we all remember, what we did since lockdowns birth.
Did we sit around, did we try to go and learn?
We’re we just furloughed, in our homes, or did we work and earn?
I remember times with friends and peers, and office jokes and songs.
Now legless faces peering through an iphone/andoid lens.
We zoomed around the country, or MS times with teams
And faced those blurry days when we parted at the seams.
When finally we got to walk a little further than before,
I walked in woods and round some lakes, this lockdown life has borne.
So not sure what I’ve learned here, or what this time has taught,
But Mondays come around still, as another weeks been fought.
I hope I’ve time to learn still, I hope these days will be,
A part of how I;ve grown to be, a better kind of me.
Sincerely Yours, Paul