Monday 20th July 2020

I had cause and opportunity to to go for a haircut.  Its seemed like a long time since people have been able to indulge themselves in this simple act of grooming.
Albeit a different experience, the barbers and hairdressers have been open for a couple of weeks, by appointment only and finding a suitable timeslot had proven difficult, which then had to be cancelled.  Then finally, I got to my appointment, and masked and ready, I sat and was asked, “What can I do for you sir?”  The truth was, I wan’t entirely sure what I usually ask for.  I wasn’t even sure if I wanted something new and different.
Throughout this time, I have paid little attention to my appearance, which is ironic considering I have spent more time online or in front of a camera than ever before.  Never have i been so subjected to images of myself as i have been online, looking at the small televisual version of me throughout team meetings, webinar and counselling sessions.  I suppose I had become so accustomed to seeing myself that I had become faceblind to how I looked.
Which, was beginning to look like a stereotyped hobo of the american railroads, and so here i was with an opportunity to change it and look and feel different.
Sometimes, through this time, a little different can go a long way.
Almost 45 minutes later and I looked and felt different, a little extravagance spent on myself.  Nothing grand, nothing earth shattering and yet, this little change has helped me to feel more aware of myself again, more aware of my face again, it’s like I can see who I am again, that me that was getting lost under all the sameness and the hair.
Perhaps it’s the little subtle changes right now that can make all the difference at a time when there is so much the same, and the world still seems so far away from where we were and still a ways off from wherever we are heading.  perhaps the subtle changes and little indulgences can keep us feeling that little more fresh, that little more new, that little more us as we move forward into the next day with a little more hope.

Take Care, Sincerely Yours, Paul