Monday 31st August 2020

A client recently described the current situation as ‘absurd’.  I have to say, absurd is quite a good word to describe everything that i see and hear in relation to the pandemic.  It seems as though all people in authority are so busy blaming one thing and another alongside promising to make everything better, that they have forgotten about “we’re all in this together!”  That seemed to bring about an attitude encapsulated by a country getting behind an aged war hero walking round his garden before his 100th birthday.
The worlds changed and I can accept this.  I feel so belligerent as the arguments for and against wearing facemasks for the time being wage on.  I’m trying to examine why I don’t particularly care either way, but it seems to be too much trouble.  I genuiniely feel if it might scientifically benefit people or at the very least reassure them, then i’m not sure what the difficulty is.  I can appreciate some people might not want to due to it being related to health and possibly psychological reasons, however, on the whole, it seems like a good idea.  I appreciate it’s not as beneficial as handwashing and social distancing, but if it helps, then doesn’t it make sense to do this?
I am baffled by what people decide to argue for and against these days,  a recent argument that seems to be doing the rounds is Black Lives Matter, and people argue that shouldn’t all lives matter.  Again this fills me with despair that people need to ask this question in the light of some of the terrible recent stories that have been attributed to racial discrimination.  We seem to live in a world that reports polarization at a time where we are fighting a virus that sees no colour, no faith and no gender.  It sees only opportunity to grow and flourish, and for a long time it has seemed to be winning.  if only we could work in the same vein as this virus and contaminate each other with hope, optimism and compassion.  That is highly optimistic, however that has often for the last 20 years been my approach.  I spent so much of my early years filled with cynicism and negativity that it made me ill.  
There are times when I feel frustrated and dismayed, at the way people treat each other and the world.  A place where I walk my dog, a small grassed area with a little wooded copse has become a haunt of teenagers eating haribo’s and drinking cans of booze.  I see the detrtitis they leave behind in this beautiful little glade and it saddens me.  However what moved me was my 9 year old wanting to do something about it, so I bought a couple of litter pickers up and today we cleaned it up together, filling two bin bags up of cans and crisp packets.  Little acorns, big oaks.
Sometimes it can be the smallest things that fills me with a hope and an optimism when I can easily find myself overwhelmed with difficulty and barriers.  A simple act that allows a small change to take place may not save the world and cure all, however it goes further than an attitude of sitting still and not trying.  I think we all need a child to remind us how by doing one small thing, can feel like changing the world.
Take very good care of yourselves.
Sincerely Yours, Paul