Monday 7th September2020

I wonder how relationships have been affected by lockdown?  Concerns rose around domestic violence as pubs and bars were closed and restrictions  around buying alcohol might lead to an increase in tensions at home and as a result lead to a rise in domestic violence.  In my home it has been a testing time for us all.  Our house has become an office, a school, a counselling room, a library, a recording studio, as well as a home.  Suddenly finding ourselves falling over each other became an everyday occurrence.  It was difficult and yet at the same time a wonderful opportunity to spend time with each other as a family.  We find ourselves normally so far from our loved ones on a daily basis normally.  Parents at their works offices, children in their schools and then suddenly on march 23rd we all shut ourselves in together and got the opportunity to get to know each other.
Five months later as lockdown has eased, schools prepare to welcome children from wrung out parents and people start to return to offices, here we have decided to embrace home schooling and continue partly working from home.  So the initial challenge we faced in march has now turned into a new challenge and will continue to push us.  Yet we have managed to come closer as a family and grow together through this lockdown which has made our next choices easier to make.  Homeschooling and changing working hours in order to continue to grow and develop and be.
We are fortunate to have found each other, myself and my wife.  We have often joked that we would ruin another couple.  We haven’t always seen eye to eye or had seamless times together,, however the fact that we are both in our longest relationship is a triumph for us.  Blessed with a child which has both overwhelmed us and pushed us to our very edge with her difficulties has meant that our time together has been a trial.  And yet we move obliviously on towards our 9th anniversary, it feels as though we have grown together without even being aware of it.
Tomorrow is always another day and a fresh start.  Another day where I will wake up and maybe remember to spare a thought for our trials, our strength and gratitude for what I have in my little home.  As families start to change there worlds and returns to forms of a normality and mine continues in a simialr vein, I wonder what it will look like in a week, a month, a year.  All we have is now, as we take each day and see where it takes us.
Take Care
Sincerely Yours, A Thirsk Counsellor