Monday 14th September 2020

Following a series of recent rises in Covid 19 infection which is reportedly raising the r rate to above 1.  This has followed numerous warnings over summer about worries regarding social distancing.Following the recent number of infections including here in North Yorkshire. the government has revised It’s measures and has now stated that there will be a new Rule of six where people can only meet in groups no bigger than six people.  This is to try and regain control of the rising cases as we move towards the colder months which various reports suggest might lead us into a second lockdown.
I do wonder how much more people can take of these restrictions.  It has felt as though people have felt less concerned, as if we had peaked and were now out of the woods.  The implications of the recent rises of infections sound worrying, and yet as a country we are starting, it seems, to become divided.  Those who believe that there are concerns, and those who believe we should battle through.
I pride myself on being an optimist, on always looking for the blossoms amidst the weeds.  however I find myself waning at the thought of another lockdown.  Not that it concerns me personally.  I have been working from home since march 23rd and will do so for the considerable future.  My counselling practice has moved online and that seems to be okay for me.  My voluntary work has returned to face to face and thats been a blessing.  However having this option of mixed and blended working is something I am keen to embrace.  Yet the numbers eem to be suggesting that if enough people cannot seem to follow or be mindful of the few restrictions that are in place such as bubbles, facemasks and social distancing then we may well continue to see resurgences of the virus.
Optimism becomes increasingly difficult in the face of monotony.  People desire change and want excitement, holidays and human contact, yet ironically, before lockdown it felt as though society was becoming increasingly insular.  I want to see my in-laws and I look forward to going away for a night in a couple of weeks, and yet the current situation suggests this is possibly going to be increasingly difficult.
Our wellbeing and our need to connect with people is so important right now.  The country has been on a knife edge for months and people it seems have had enough.  There are times when I feel as though enough is enough.  I want this to end, I avoid looking at death tolls and become oblivious to changes in guidance.
The rules seem to change from week to week, the science and the politics is conflicting, the guidance at times is not clear.  People are scared, and confused and frustrated and tired.
Maybe tired is what people are.  Tired of trying to do what”s expected, tired of having to live under such uncertainty.  There is still a global pandemic, reportedly the spanish flu took over two years before it passed and perhaps we have put our heads above the parapets too soon.  Now maybe is time to stop and reflect and give pause to where we are and where we might be going to and make a choice where we want to be in six weeks times as a nation, not just as individuals.
I hope people are well and keeping safe, until next time.  Take care.
Sincerely Yours, Paul