A walk in October

And the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear
What do I care?
And kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall
But you go on
And on

By U2

There’s a definitive change in the air these days as I leave the house.  Autumn is most definitely here.  As I left this morning with my daughter for just a short walk with Hiro, I became aware of how much colder and greyer it feels in the morning.  Yet I have also noticed the lighter  mornings, often we watch the sun rising over Sutton bank in a burst of yellow and orange.
In the little field we walk, we have noticed the autumn fall.  Pointing out the colours on the trees to my daughter, the greens fading to red, orange and yellows.  The mown grass of the field in now becoming hidden in this autumn carpet of colour.  As the leaves turn to their dark brown and blacks, it signifies the ending of the year.  This unusual and strange year.  These next three months will bring the cold rain and frosts that feel like the death of the year.  I often find this time of year an opportunity to pause and reflect as we head from Autumn into Winter.
My daughter tells me her favourite part of this time of year is the dragon breath, she feels it’s magical how the ‘smoke’ dissipates out of her mouth.  Walks at this time in the morning always feel somewhat magical.  The quietness of the area, even as the main road next to us is starting to heat up.  The grass wet from dew and last nights rain, as the clouds warn of more ahead.
Hiro chases a startled rabbit and my daughter counts those laying low, their ears pressed to their heads.  It still enthralls me to see rabbits here so close to a school and a road.  Finding burrows hidden amidst the woods, dug into the raised hill.  Looking for fresh earth to let me know if they are current.  I often wonder how many of these entrances intersect and join with each other.
Birdsong is changing at this time of year.  The housemartins have moved on, the starlings have grown and are filling up on fat balls.  This morning all I hear is a wren above us, and it reminds me of the time in Kilburn woods where following a single birdcall, the wood came to life in a cacophony of sound in less than a minute.  Yey here, in the wet grass and the dripping woods amidst fallen leaves we talk of the coming winter and wishes for snows and Christmas.
Sincerely Yours, A Thirsk Counsellor