Monday 21st September 2020

Six months have passed since lockdown started and the UK government have just announced a second wave as the infection cases have been doubling approximately every seven days.
As this restrictions have come into place around the rule of six, cutting down on opening times, self isolation happening, schools being closed down.  Geographically it is starting to feel like a noose tightening around Thirsks neck as Newcastle way, Leeds, Harrogate, Selby begin to experiences some of the local restrictions.
I hear people ranting at politicians about their failure and yet I hear teachers talking about children unwilling to follow the guidance around masks and social distancing and feels like a fire is being fought with fuel. 
As we move through September my daughters worries are whether she can go trick or treating this Halloween, my wife wants to see her parents and Christmas feels like it is going to be different this year as the usual plans seem to be contrary if we move further into this new wave.
Just the phrase, a second wave leaves me feeling like were close to drowning, and although deaths don’t seem to be mentioned, the worry and anxiety around the lack of tests and people saying tests are just giving the government ammunition to bring about another lockdown whilst others suggest the government is manipulating a hope of herd immunity, I feel confused and unsure in what direction we are going.
Myself I am not particularly affected by what is happening.  It doesn’t directly affect me, the rule of six means that my meal out tomorrow is only allowed a small group of people, however I am glad to not have to face more.  I can avoid any upcoming uncomfortable birthday celebrations as my 50th dawdles closer.
The overwhelming choices we have had to face over this year will stay with us throughout our lives, the confusion and the uncertainty has meant we have had to adjust and grow and adapt.  At times, recently it has felt like another thing that we have to overcome and I wonder what will be  the next barrier, the next change as it continues to rise.  Will move closer to being with each other, or will we continue to drift aimlessly.
I’m reminded of the hope and optimism we experienced as we first went into lockdown, the opportunities it afforded us, the desire to get fit, to garden.  Yet as we hit six months, I am aware that I’m not as fit as I hoped and my allotment has suffered through my inactivity.  Perhaps this second wave is an opportunity, another reminder of what we still can achieve as a result of this opportunity if we feel ready to enter willingly into the brave new world.
Sincerely Yours, Paul