Monday 9th November 2020

Life is a series of moments.  Its often made up of the mundane, the everyday, the usual.  Yet the day can be punctuated by moments if we choose to see them, sometimes amidst these days can be moments of the absurd.  Frustrations and annoyances that can take over the day if allowed.
I can often miss these moments of absurdity, as I find myself caught up in the frustration of whatever is causing me difficulty.
Last night as I tried to make a Christmas present, I suddenly received phone notifications and notifications asking me on messenger if i had been hacked, it later transpired that I had clicked on a video link in a social media app which had inadvertently infected my account and then a few days later, sent the same virus out to everyone in my contacts list.  I then spent the next hour trying to post on my social media to warn people not to click the link, whilst being repeatedly bombarded with messages from people asking me if it was a genuine message from me.  The rising frustration led to the realisation that the absurdity of it all as I tried to warn people and failed to do so as they kept messaging me which then led to me having to apologise to them all.
The sense of responsibility that you have potentially case peoples phones and devices to be infected with a virus is very upsetting.  As i spent the remainder of the evening individually apologising for causing this outbreak of an electronic virus in the midst of a global pandemic.  The absurdity of the moment.
Moments come in all shapes and sizes.  Through this difficult time we need to look for the moments of absurdity, instead of allowing the frustration to take over and add to further stresses.  As we now follow the news of America and the uncertainty that they face in their difficult times, we can find the absurdities as people cling to their ideals, their beliefs and their refusal to accept the truth of the vote.  leading to allegations of multiple state collaboration in de-freuding the election.
People will cling to their own beliefs and ideals with such vigor rather than step away from them to gain perspective.  I see people in therapy hold onto beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary as it seems easier, softer than accepting a new truth which questions these beliefs they have held for so long.  
Yet moments are all we have, these mundane moments of making coffee and waiting for a client to join the zoom call or replying to an email.  these everyday moments that fill our day.  I recognise the mundane and yet look for the absurd to bring a smile, and remember the unique.  This weekend, during our second lockdown, after waiting for several days watching news of a close US election, listening to astounding claims of criminality, fraud, and then whilst playing a nineties computer game with my daughter, the news arrives that a new president has been elected, and with that the first ever woman, of colour becomes a the vice president of the United States.  A moment in time that is both unique and yet in the midst of a pandemic, a sense of absurdity that it highlights the fact that it is less than a century ago that women of colour were not eligible to vote and now one such woman has become the second most powerful person in the United States.  Sometimes the absurdity of life brings a sense of wonder.
Sincerely Yours, Paul