Sometimes a little information can help us when we are struggling with some difficulty. Here I have compiled a list of websites with valuable information and advice around promoting mental health and well-being.
Some Useful Websites
Rape Crisis offers support to survivors of sexual assault.
Samaritans is a national charity offering support to people.
YOUNGMINDS is a charitable organisation that provides invaluable information that looks at young people’s mental health and well-being.
MIND is a national charitable organisation that provides information and advice around a number of mental health difficulties.
Time To Change is a website with valuable resources and advice that challenges stigma around mental health and well-being.
Yorkshire MESMAC is one of the longest running organisations supporting people with information, advice, guidance and counselling around issues to do with sexuality, sexual orientation and transgender issues.
The five ways to wellbeing are things you can do to improve your life and promote your own mental health and wellbeing.  Follow these five simple areas and try to bring a little bit of change into your life to improve your wellbeing.
STOPP is a simple approach to challenge feelings of anxiety, you can download the app to your phone 📲 on android or apple.
Action for happiness is a great website that produces a printable monthly calendar for people to carry out simple activities on a daily basis.


Local support
Sharon Britton is a qualified life coach that provides personal coaching on different issues which may be affecting you.
Holyrood house offers a holistic approach to healing through faith, practical support and a range of therapeutic counselling.
Liz Eittel-bell offers both counselling and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in Northallerton area.